Beyond 2020 is an exclusive membership program of One World Sports Radio. Membership is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. That’s right, no matter where you penguins of Madagascar are in the world right now, you can join. Smile and wave, boys and girls, smile and wave.

Membership does not grant access to our radio content – that is free for all and will remain so. Members are rewarded with great member only benefits.

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We at 1World Sports Radio:

  • Have a NO SPAM policy.
  • Will NOT automatically bill you again next year.
  • Strive to bring great benefits to our members.
If you have any questions, please see our comprehensive list of FAQ’s below:


• What is the Beyond 20/20 Supporters Club?

Beyond 20/20 is 1World Sports Radio’s supporters club. It ensures that we remain accessible to everyone, especially the blind, who are cut off from sport and other content that today, is mostly presented in visual mediums.
Membership of Beyond 20/20 is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. That’s right, no matter where you penguins of Madagascar are in the world right now, you can join. Smile and wave, boys and girls, smile and wave.
Membership does not place any obligations on to you (other than behaving like a nice person in our chat room) and you can leave the Club at any time. We will NOT automatically bill you for an annual membership fee next year either (we hate it when people do that). Membership is not a requirement to access our radio content – that is free for all and will remain so.
Beyond 20/20 is like a charity, but with a big difference – we are not a charity. Instead, we give you lots of cool member only benefits for being a nice person. We get to do some good and you get to enjoy our offerings. Is that a choir of angels singing? Can you also hear them? Okay, maybe it’s one of our jingles?
What are you still waiting for? Click, click, buy, buy! 🙂
• What are the benefits of membership?

These are the main reasons why you are going to part with those dollars. Yes, we know that you worked hard for them, which is why we are going to work hard for you.
• Promotional Items

We are always on the lookout for discounted items that may have value to you. We can’t guarantee that we will be successful in this regard, but the more members we have the more negotiating power. Get your friends and relatives to sign up and you may even see that couch in our web-store that you have been wanting at a onetime only low low price. Hey, stranger things have happened.
• Promotional Competitions

Sometimes people donate cool stuff to us for free. I know, crazy right! We will see how we can pass this on to you, but cutting a couch into tiny pieces and giving everyone a slice is hardly a benefit to you. To spread the love we will dream up special promotional competitions to see how well you can yodel, or hop around on one leg singing your national anthem. Okay, we probably won’t do those things to you, but you get the idea.
• Events

We are constantly on the lookout for cool sporting events and talks that may be of interest to you and will endeavour to acquire tickets at a discount. More savings your way. In addition, we know that you have always secretly fancied yourself as a commentator. All those hours in front of the mirror may not have been wasted. As a member we may even give you a chance to show off your skills, probably at midnight, commentating on salmon fishing in the Yemen. But hey, what did you expect for $20*?
• Comments

We know that you have lots of cool things to say, but no one intelligent enough to share your insights. Not only will we give your thoughts preference on the air, but we have opened up a member’s only discussion blog where you can rant about the ref for as long as you feel the need. You can also ask other members for referrals and tips on how they won their local hot dog eating contest or whatever else blows your hair back.
• You become an instant Hero

The Avengers have nothing on you. Not only do we provide a service to the sighted, but it opens up the sporting world to the Blind. To give you an idea, try following sport on your TV with the screen covered. But that’s not all. We also work with Blind SA and other organisations around the world to education blind children in Braille and Orientation and Mobility. Those are the basic skills that young blind children need to live a fulfilling life. It’s basically how to read, write and get around in the world on your own. Giving them those skills, makes you a hero.

You get all of this for R290.00 (around $20*USA) p.a., and that’s not all, we will send you an email with your very own, I am a hero certificate. You can print that out and hang it on your wall. Yes, we know, it’s the best gift ever. Go on, spoil yourself, you deserve it. Buy yourself and all of your loved ones a membership now, before we come to our senses and change our minds. Please note that terms and conditions apply.

• What can I win?

The prize includes:

  • Two tickets to the ICC World Cup Cricket Opening Game between South Africa and England at the Oval in London on the 30th May 2019
  • Three nights shared accommodation for two at hotel in London. (Breakfast is included) Check in the 29th May 2019, checkout the 1 June 2019
  • Two international return flights to London to a maximum value of R25,000 in total. If you live further afield you will need to make your own arrangements for the shortfall.
  • A London Travel Card so that you can get from your hotel to the game
• How can I participant?

This promotion is open to anyone who joins Beyond 20/20 before 12:00 on the 30 March 2019. Go to – click on the Beyond 20/20 membership launch promotion link. Place the BEYOND 20/20 purchase into your cart and follow the checkout process. It’s that simple.
• Who can enter?

To win the prize, you need to be a citizen of planet earth. One of the travelers must be 18 years or older (you or the person you are traveling with), you need to hold valid passports (or have the ability to convince the promoter that you can get one before the 1st May 2019) and you must be eligible to travel to the UK (i.e. you can get the necessary visa’s, etc.) And of course, all the normal rules and regulations of the country you are in with regards to travel (especially for minors) will apply. Please note that you can’t be a volunteer or employee of 1WSR.COM or an immediate family member of the same.
• How will the results be determined?

The selection process will be independently audited and will be determined by automated random selection.
• When is the competition’s closing date?

The competition will close at 12:00 Central African Time on the 30th March 2019 or when 2,500 members have joined Beyond 2020 whichever comes first.
• How will the results of the competition be made public?

The winner will be contacted via email or phone and the results will be published on our website at 1WSR.COM on or before the 3rd of April 2019.
• Where can I get a copy of all the rules?

The full set of rules can be found here..

*We say $20 (USA) to give you an indication of the price no matter where you are in the world, but as we are in South Africa, our annual membership fee is actually set at R290.00 (South African Rand) and whatever that equates to in your country, depending on the exchange rate on the day that you join.

**Our contribution towards your return flights is limited to economy class international travel to a maximum of R25,000 (about $1,800 USA), which should cover your flights from just about anywhere. However, if you are living in some remote corner of the universe, you will have to add some of your own money to get to and from London. Your return flights will be organised and managed through